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Introducing Reel Action: Community Interest Cinema

Audience viewing one of our 99p Films screening events.

Community Interest Cinema only exists with your participation and we are so grateful for all of your contributions to discussions, the friendships forged around the dinner table and your continued curiosity in social and environmental solutions. As a token of our appreciation, we’d like to provide you with links to watch some of 99p events previous films, from the comfort of your favourite sofa.

Attendees enjoying the accompanying meal at one of our events.

In a media climate that can often be shrouded by doomsday warnings, we aspire to showcase some of the wonderful and inspiring solutions that are being bought into action all around us. So far, our carefully curated screenings have taken us;

🌱 from the fields of the English countryside, telling the stories of a new kind of farming, a new kind of food and a new kind of society In Our Hands.

🌊 all around the UK, across land and sea, delving under the ocean's surface to explore how Kelp! could be a new agricultural and plastic packaging alternative and carbon sink.

🌬️ to the fantastical worlds of Ursula K Le Guin, celebrating fictions role within discourse around anthropology, gender, environmentalism and anarchism.

🍏 and back home to Cornwall with Cornwall Climate Care’s latest documentary: ‘Hungry for Change’; showcasing gleaners picking ‘waste’ crops in our fields to projects growing food in unusual places and a microbiologist keen to get us all eating low-carbon insects.

More interested individuals participating in our community interest cinema.

We’re thrilled by the momentum for positive action that’s stemmed from our events and excited to be able to offer you more opportunities to connect to each other and get involved in movements promoting and delivering positive change. This monthly newsletter will give you insights into our upcoming events, links to the organisations creating solutions that you can participate in and access to compelling cinema.


Part of our unique licensing model, ensures that 99p from each ticket sold goes directly back to the student or independent film maker. So far we’ve given £148.50 to The Landworkers Alliance for ‘In Our Hands’, £147 to Caylon for ‘Kelp!’, £63.36 for Dan and Adams student short ‘Soup’ and £44.55 for Stella’s student short about the Falmouth Food Co Op. We want to give exposure and financial support to young and aspiring film makers to encourage and help them with future development. This is all thanks to your continued support, so thank you for enabling us to enable them.


Thank you once again for being an essential part of our journey towards positive change. We relish the opportunity to connect with so many of you and look forward to seeing you again at one of our future screenings, to breathe, watch, discuss and eat together.

Until next time,

The 99p Films Team X


The 99p Films logo.

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