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Alex Fish


"99p Films C.I.C. is a revolutionary community interest cinema that goes beyond traditional film screenings.

We create a transformative experience by incorporating mindful breathing at the start, facilitating engaging discussions throughout, and culminating in a communal feast. This unique approach connects people, raises awareness about social and environmental issues, and inspires direct action for a better future.


Community is at our core, which is why we've incorporated as a C.I.C. Our mission is not only to inspire and provide a wholesome evening for our audiences but to benefit several stakeholders: Including Filmmakers, students, local farmers, chefs, wellness practitioners and others all using their unique skills to cultivate positive change.


We're called what we're called because 99p from each ticket sold goes directly to the filmmaker, it's our unique licencing model and makes us a bit of a disruptor in the film industry. 


Our team is comprised of a range of creatives each striving to connect with others using their art forms, from film-makers to illustrators, graphic designers to music composers. We're excited to continue growing our 99p family.


99p Films has redefined the cinematic experience, our success so far serves as a testament to the transformative potential of cinema as a force for positive change. Let's come together and create 'Reel Action'!"


megan roberts

Megan is a documentary film maker and designer. She was at the heart of developing 99p Films brand identity, alongside experimenting and testing the early event curation, playing a pivotal part in shaping it towards what it has become today. 

Now, her focus is on documenting the events and their legacies, to explore their impact on the community and how to amplify their reach. 

Megan Roberts

jack cowley

Jack is an illustrator, designer and creative director on a mission to connect people to ecology and social change through visual mediums. He has been with 99p Films from the very beginning.


Creating the iconic logo and since doing everything from designing stunning posters and graphics that have shaped the brand identity to leading screenings. 


Jack Cowley

Let’s Work Together


University, Falmouth

Penryn, TR10 9FE

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